Friday, October 22, 2010

Beijing Lu

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A street in the urban area of Guangzhou, China named Beijing Lu, literally Beijing Road, has some of the most ancient roads. In the midst of digging up and constructing this shopping center, these roads were revealed. This is reminiscent of Carl Andre's idea that "My idea of a idea of sculpture is a road. That is, a road doesn't reveal itself at any particular point or from any particular point. Roads appear and disappear...We don't have a single point of view for a road at all, except a moving one, moving along it." (Overlay 125).

Beijing Lu is similar to a sculpture in that it is made a point of interest by the modern people. As one can probably see from the above photo, there is a glass case protecting the surface and there is an explanation accompanying it.

Also, this road reveals the fact that roads appear and disappear. If you could actually look closer, it is not just one road but layers of roads from previous times. People back in the day would have thought the road was just a means of travelling along. However, today people can see each layer paved one on top of another.

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