Friday, October 22, 2010

VP's House

This is again another "road" is located next to the VCU Vice President's (home/office?). It is next to a house and is like an alley that leads foward to West Franklin St. It can be reached from the front of the building or by walking pass the art museum from a complex of a few buildings. Again, this is similar to Carl Andre's definition of a sculpture (although unlike his, these are actually flat, and less like a barrier which his are).

There is a repetition of bricks and is surrounded by a rather more natural area then that of the city streets of VCU.   It is quite away from the view of the street actually. It makes me look at the bricked roads of VCU's campus differently. I wonder how long have those bricks been there (since many around campus are dangerously loose)? and if they were recently placed, are they just part of a green drainage system to prevent flooding and return rain water to the earth?

The idea of roads as art, rather for their purpose, now make me question the purposes of anything similar such as paths, roads, alleys, etc.

Another thing I realize from this is that VCU has a very green campus. Recycling wise and campus wise. I remember a walk I took last year around with my Biology lab class to identify all the different types of trees around campus and there are a large variety. Not only that, but the yards of the houses surrounding campus are filled with foliage.

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