Sunday, October 17, 2010

Project Proposal

Proposal #1

This is basically an aerial view of my backyard, including the surrounding borders (fence, bushes, house). In the center is a decent amount of yard and grass. The arrow represents a bike path that will be formed. I plan on this to be both an earth art and performance piece. 

The project is limited to the area within my backyard. It is a performance piece in that it is the process that is more important than the product. In my opinion it is reminiscent of Richard Long's lines he formed walking back and forth. However, with a circle, there will be a more natural meaning to it in contrast to Long's work. Although the performance is temporary, the resulting product will remain until the grass grows back (which it probably will not until next spring since the weather is becoming cold). 

The piece also embodies the characteristics of earth art in that it is part of a natural space. This would be my backyard and it is also limited by the borders that the bushes, fence, and house create. I got this idea from first thinking of a location I could have access to (since I do not drive) that was natural and spacious. 

To document the work, I plan on using photography and film. Also, I plan on using some extra people, a prop (the bike), and gaining permission from my parents before I (temporarily) destroy their backyard. 

Proposal #2

If my permission is denied, then the second option would be to hang something on the trees in my backyard. There are two specific trees in my backyard that form a very interesting shape. It is as if they are uniting together instead of growing upwards toward the sky as normal large trees do.


  1. This sounds really cool! I like the idea of using a manmade object (the bike) to make an impression in the earth. The bike also gives it a fun-youthful quality. Good luck getting permission!

  2. Thanks! Yea, theres a certain nostalgia to it because I used to ride my bike there.