Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Trashcans

Good afternoon! Hope everyone is enjoying their "Fall Break"! This weekend I returned home and hoped to explore the area around my house, in addition to obtaining material for my final project. 

This is again another arrangement of trashcans. The grey one is for recycling while the green one is for trash. They are located on the side of my house and are pushed to the curb of our house for the Monday morning pickups. It would have been great if I could have taken a photo of that happening all along the neighborhood.

In a previous post I stated that trashcans were as if part of our cityscape in Richmond (as with other man made objects). However, it seems as if it is a norm, even in the suburbs that I live in. With Duchamp's popularity, it has made almost anything a piece of art. These pieces of art decorate our landscape and is representative of modernism. It shows the progression of something so simple. Once trash was just disposed of on the street (more primitive) while now, due to population growth and better sanitation, we use trashcans.

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