Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project Part I: The Site

After listening to speaker Meghan Muller discuss her site visits, it made me question what defines my site. I feel as if an in-depth discussion of a person's site can reveal a lot behind the piece.

Most important, the site must have certain physical aspects. I have legal access to my site since it is owned by my parents. My backyard is also very spacious (although size does not matter). While there is fencing and hedges that confine the space, no more is needed. Also, the site is directly connected to the natural elements of the earth. There are trees and other parts of nature. This is very related to my piece in that it is one about time, life, etc. 

A personal meaning can be attached between the project and site, although it is not necessary. My backyard is the place where I grew up. There is a garden of vegetables, patio, and a whole yard for us kids and adults to hang out. While I was little, my parents worked a lot a it was my grandparents who took care of me and my brother. The backyard was also the place where we spent a lot of time with our grandpa. We  used to play basketball, ride bikes (yes, in the grass) and have all sorts of fun. After about his five years of residency in the United States, he returned home. I guess I have attached a very nostalgic feeling to my backyard. 

I feel as if there is always a meaning to a piece of work. As much as the minimalists want to say that there is no meaning and that their art is just art, there may always be a subconscious reason for why the piece turned out as it did. If they can not identify one, it will eventually be labeled or assumed by their audience. It seems as one can not get away from meaning in a piece. 


  1. True for some but hardley ever for all ... When we do things because of our memories of our own personal history it is called "identity" -- a very popular subject for art. You have a special connection with your culture through your grandfather, which in turns gives you a great subject and direction for this piece ... and future ones ...

  2. Congratulations on Assignment 2 - very well done!

  3. Thank you! I enjoyed this class very much! I hope future modules like (more specifically art class, studio classes, etc.) this will be offered to us.

    Hmmm...talking about identity as a theme throughout future artwork is very interesting. That would be a good thing for me to think about

  4. Yes! Your videos that link your heritage to your identity/experience are great for all - a personal experience shared in a way to help us all understand ... I will continue to look for your videos on YouTube ..