Monday, October 11, 2010

A Blend of Nature & City

This arrangement of trashcans was found in Monroe Park on Saturday, October 9, 2010, after a fundraising event had been held there earlier that morning.

This arrangement is reminiscent of Smithson's "Mirror Displacements". All of these trashcans are approximately the same and are repetitively placed in an outdoor space. However, the trashcans are not permanent and have obviously been removed since then. Also, there was no meaning behind the objects besides its function and nostalgia of the events that morning (Overlay). 

Spatially, it connects to that of of a cityscape. Walking around Monroe Park, I realized that the trashcans, light posts, and other man-made objects are part of the environment. The suburbs where I am from we do not have public trashcans, benches, and these other objects. Cityscapes are part of the environment in which we live in and this part was to bring us back to the natural world. With these man made objects dispersed in it though, made it seem as a sort of  blending between the two.


  1. Great debate - garbage cans as land art! I like it ...

  2. Yea, it reminded me of Duchamp's ready-mades in a way.