Monday, October 25, 2010

Natural Stumps

(These are two perspectives of the same stump)

Reflecting on the conversation we had as a class on Thursday on what happens to trees after they are unfortunately removed, I found the remnants of trees that had been removed off of my property. It seems that many stumps are left over in my yard.

This one was allowed for natural growth on it (as one can see from the above picture). This is very interesting in that a stump - when it was part of the tree as a whole - is a creation of the earth. However, when the tree becomes a stump, its form is man made. As time proceeds, it is further modified by nature through time.

Also, stumps are very permanent. They are rooted into the earth. It requires heavy machinery (and extra cash) to have it ground up. It is as if a stump is a lasting memory of the magnificent tree that was there and a symbol of continual life with the new organisms that are making it their home.   

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  1. Tree stumps are a great example of time passing. Everyone is probably familiar with the rings of the trees. Each ring represents one year and the thicker the ring the more moisture the tree gained.