Saturday, October 30, 2010

Final Project

The final project for this class contains influences from ancient artists and the more recent Richard Long.

It is symbolic of the journeys that ancient cultures took and marked with circles. The area contained within this yard is like a world in itself.

The second part to the video is reminiscent of Richard Long's pieces where he walked in a line until a trail was left in the ground.

Although my project is not as extensive as its influences, it attempts to express the idea of the place where my grandfather spent a lot of his time, but using the styles of previous artists.


  1. Very nice and commanding in the sense of repetition - the rhythm created by the methodical steps your brother takes are almost reminiscent of time as it seems he may be moving slow on purpose to represent the "grandfather" image ... great connection to your identity and personal experience ...

  2. Great job. I like that this project represents where your grandfather spent time. Kind of a literal "walking in his footsteps".

  3. Never thought of it like is as if my brother is "walking in his footsteps" both literally now and how my brother really is....