Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"International Fountain" at Seattle Center

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While attending the Bite of Seattle at Seattle Center, the International Fountain was of particular interest to me. To describe it in its entirety, it is a large circular depression into the earth with a small dome at its center. Spewing out of the dome is water. Around the fountain is a park. The park and fountain together act as a public gathering place.

The fountain's connection with the earth though, is that the fountain's water is returned and used as a watering system for the park. The fountain's round shape, can also be symbolic of the earth and the water returning to its earth can give the designation to the fountain as the "mother". As many pieces in art show, there is a strong appeal to the contrast of male and female and their role and connection to nature (Overlay).

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  1. Thanks! I was in Seattle for two months this summer and can not believe all the art that I missed! Hopefully next time I can persuade some adults to take me the interesting places you have mentioned, especially the ones you have mentioned.

  2. I love Seattle ... and now that you are an adult you can go sometime with your friends!!!

  3. Yep. I really enjoy broadening my knowledge of art (a reason I took this class)and travelling and viewing actual pieces seems another way to do that. Also, experiencing the piece in real life is more impacting then just seeing it in a textbook.

  4. Its nice to add a museum or a land art piece to your travel routine ... the exploration of finding Robert Morris' piece was one of my best memories from Seattle ...